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Initial Office Visit : 1 hour (may vary due to complexity)


 In your first session, you get to share your “story” . Your health goals, concerns, family history, past health history, nutrition, lifestyle, emotional and  environmental stress are assessed to obtain complete understanding of your unique health needs. An  extensive history of current and past concerns are discussed and your health goals are explored in depth. 

 In order to make the best use of our time, please complete the questionnaire that will be sent upon  scheduling your appointment. Please email  to receive initial questionnaire or download forms for you complete before your visit. Links for Patient Forms: 

Follow-up Visits:

Depending on the complexity of your concern, visits range from 15-60 minutes to e-evaluation of concerns, adjust  your individualized recommendations as needed and determine any additional/ follow-up testing as needed.


Virtual Consult - Phone and Video:

A one-hour phone and/or video consultation follows the same  process as in office visits.  Virtual medicine increases your access to Sage ReStorative Health no matter her travel and work schedule.

See above initial office and follow-up visit for details.


House Visits:

House visits allow for another type of assessment and give us at Sage ReStorative Health the opportunity to answer questions about your living environment and give suggestions on the following:

  • Food choices/brands/appropriate selection of produce

  • General household and beauty products

  • Supplements, vitamins, protein powders and herbs

  • Lighting for better sleep and health

15 Minutes Complimentary Phone Introductory Consultation


This introductory consultation will help you to find out how our services may be able to help support your health needs. Ask any questions and decide whether you would like to set up an office visit. The free consultation is not intended for specific condition and treatment advice.

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