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Our services are grounded naturopathic principles, and our goal is to help you feel your best. At our first appointment, we will assess your unique needs and prepare a wellness plan matching those needs. During follow-up sessions, we will fine tune your recommendations bringing you closer to a stable state of health and wellness. The elegant and simple treatments can yield tremendous results in supporting the natural ability to heal.


Office Visits:  

We recognize your personal knowledge and astute awareness of your particular health concern and hence we regard you as an expert on your own body. This is where we start, with you sharing your story.


Virtual Consultations - Phone and Video :

For those of you wish to schedule a consult, throughout the USA and internationally , Sage ReStorative Health offers virtual consults to meet your needs.  We treats these visits just like office visits with the same intent, attention and fee schedule. Scheduling your virtual appointment is easy.

House Visits:

House visits allow for another type of assessment and give us the opportunity to answer questions about your living environment and give suggestions.



Workshops and classes will also be offered regularly to facilitate learning  and exploration of various healing approaches in a fun and safe environment. Sage ReStorative Health is also passionate about sharing the benefits of holistic and functional medicine and welcomes the opportunity to participate in community events, seminars and educational offerings.

 Visits to Meet Your Needs
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