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It’s been my mission to avoid the US traditional medicine route. The advice has been has been well meaning, but off the mark.  The medicine preserved was generally, way off the mark. I’m doing yoga, meditation, acupuncture and vegetarian, but there were still some areas of concern. These areas entailed abnormal thirst and digestive issues.  


Nyarai is a friend and when I heard she had become a naturopath, I jumped at the chance to see about the two thing, abnormal thirst and digestive issues, bothering me more and more.  She is friendly and knowledgeable.  Prior to the visit, I had written  out my typical daily food intake.  Nyarai was quick to note what was right about it, but of course, made suggestions.


I was given a list of supplements to take as well. It was a long list, and it’s not an instant conversion to remember to take them at various times of the day.  Yet, as I took those supplements, the areas of concern mostly disappeared.  My appointment was in August, and the urgency of thirst and digestion are not present three months later.  Given this quick change for the better,  I made the adjustments in my diet.  I have experienced more energy during the day.  Good health is addictive! When I experience the return of good overall health, I want more of it!


Nyarai had the remedies right at hand, and for the solutions were quick and relatively  easy.  In the past, a former doctor said something to the effect of “Well, as we get older, things don’t work as well. “ No doubt true, but maybe the solutions are there and we just need the right leaders to good health.  


Dr. Nyarai is that leader  and I’m grateful she is there to help.  ~ Bill D.,  Chicago, IL

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