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Want to learn ways to support your health and vitality? 

Schedule your FREE Phone 15 minute Introductory Consult, Initial Consult, Follow-Up Consult or Consult to meet your needs.

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“ Nyarai Paweni, ND is amazing! She is kind, knowledgeable and actually cares about you. You won't find a better naturopath!”. Candace M.

Holistic Approaches to Empower & Support Your Greatest Potential

Worldwide consultations from the Comfort of Your Home or Office!

Have you been tired, dragging your feet even with a solid night of sleep and not feeling like your vibrant self? Maybe nothing really seems to be working but you want to get to the root of your health concern/s and you're ready to try something new or different?


Let’s connect and see how integrative/functional and natural approaches can best support you so you can focus on the things you enjoy most.

Sage ReStorative Health offers services that are:


  Rooted in naturopathic philosophy and complement functional and integrative    


  ● In-depth, balanced and integrative 

   Collaborative and customized options to suit you and your family’s health    

      and wellness needs

 Health, wellness and vitality promoting in a safe and compassionate setting


 You will receive:


  Comprehensive recommendations to empower and support your body naturally 

  ● Holistic care that blends conventional and holistic therapies for a wide array of  


  A strong emphasis on self-care as a means of maintaining health

 Strategies that will help maximize healthy living Services (for more details)


We welcome women, as well as men and children, and provide dedicated guidance that promotes effective solutions. Our goal is to help people like you on your journey to wellness by  developing a caring partnership and an individualized support . By offering comprehensive natural approaches, we as a team, work to uncover the root  cause of your health concerns.

We are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. The best  part of partnering with you regarding your health needs is that we have the opportunity to exchange ideas, educate, provide current research and empower you on the journey to optimal health and wellness. Our  goal is for you to live a vibrant, joy-filled life!

 Looking forward to meeting you soon!


 ~ Dr. Nyarai & Sage ReStorative Health Team  


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